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Introducing new dishes from Northern Hokkaido

Praise from famous chefs!
The reason behind Northern Hokkaido's food quality

Executive Chef, Hotel Okura Sapporo Yasushi Ubukata

Joined the current Hotel Okura Tokyo in 1980, and after gathering experience with restaurant and catering service, studied French Cooking abroad. After primarily working in Tokyo, took office as executive head chef for Hotel Okura Sapporo.

The difference in hot and cold temperature extremes in northern Hokkaido make it a treasure trove of delicious foodstuffs. Every area has its signature foods. For example in Ishikari you've got giant clams and Sapporo Yellow onions, Kamikawa has rare black rice and tomatoes, but using vegetables as containers, or black rice in salads... little ideas like that can really create a unique impression at dinner time. Please get to know the special products of each area, and try dishes sparkling with fresh ideas.

South Pole Chef (Aurora Kitchen Co., Ltd.) Jun Nishimura

Born 1952 in Rumoi. As member of the Coast Guard, joined the 30th and 38th Antarctic Research Expeditions as cook. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2009, began a multi-faceted career as a writer, lecturer, and cooking adviser.

Northern Hokkaido is truly my home. I feel like it has the best variety of ingredients in Japan, but sadly people only use them in limited ways. There are an infinite number of ways to play with ingredients and flavors, like adding garam masala to nuka herring Sanpei soup, turning sashimi to marinade, making ethnic or Chinese dishes, or European style... I truly look forward to expanding the gourmet possibilities of the top of Japan!