The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido

The northern most area of Japan where you can really feel the magnificence of nature.

稚内 Area


Being the northernmost part of Japan, the Wakkanai area is blessed with magnificent natural spots, such as national parks and Ramsar Convention recognized wetlands. There are also many quintessential Hokkaido sightseeing spots, such as Cape Soya which has a stone monument marking the northernmost tip of Japan, Soya Kyuryo Hills which is said to have been formed during the last ice age and numerous natural flower gardens such as the Sarobetsu Wilderness Area and Cape Noshappu which has beautiful setting suns. Between spring and summer there is also a ferry which carries a large number of tourists to Rishiri Island and Rebun Island off the coast in the Sea of Japan.

This area is rich with tourist attractions which make use of the Sea of Japan.

留萌 Area


All cities towns and villages in the Rumoi area look out over the Sea of Japan and have developed around its bounty, such as Herring. The coastline runs 178km from north to south and is often called the Sea of Japan Ororon Line. It is blessed with lush nature such as Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park. It is home to two off-shore islands, Teuri Island and Yagishiri Island both of which are well known for their beautiful sunsets over the Sea of Japan. Mashike town is home to the northern most brewery in Japan and produces a rice wine called Kunimare, which is also a very popular tourist destination.

This area is home to internationally renowned tourist destinations.

旭川 Area


The Asahikawa area sits right in the middle of Hokkaido. The area consists of a basin surrounded by the Mt. Daisetsu and Tokachidake Mountain Ranges. This means that temperature levels between summer and winter vary wildly and it has a continental inland climate. Asahikawa is the second biggest city in Hokkaido and home to a wealth of tourist spots, including Asahiyama Zoo, which sees some of the highest numbers of visitors of any zoo in the country, and the beautiful gardens of Ueno Farm. It is also a place where you can sample locally produced rice wine, such as the Otokoyama and Kokushimuso brands, which are synonymous with Hokkaido. Specially produced products which make use of the cold weather, such as overwinter cabbage, have been gaining public attention recently.

An agricultural area perfect for a relaxing country-side getaway.

岩見沢 Area


Iwamizawa once prospered as coal mining area and played a major part in the industrial modernization of Japan. The urban areas of Iwamizawa are known as having one of Japan's heaviest snowfalls. The area has gained popularity as a tourism destination due to it being placed right between Sapporo and Asahikawa, making it convenient to both. Packed with natural 'Green Tourism' activities such as hands-on agricultural experiences, dining at Farm Restaurants which use locally produced ingredients or trying your hand at making buckwheat noodles. The Iwamizawa area has begun producing wine in recent years, and there are more and more wineries offering guided tours.

The heart of Hokkaido brings the city and nature together in harmony.

札幌 Area


This area includes the city of Sapporo, which is the cultural, economic and administrative center of Hokkaido, and the New Chitose Airport, known as Hokkaido’s gateway to the skies. Sapporo is full of well-known tourist spots, including the Sapporo Clock Tower and Odori Park. There is also a variety of events held throughout the year, such as the Sapproro Snow Festival and Sapporo City Jazz. Ishikari City is the birthplace of the local delicacy called Ishikari Stew, which is packed with fresh seafood such as salmon and produce from the Ishikari River Basin.