The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido



Strong flowers blooming in the wild,
and flowers carefully raised by people,
both are equally beautiful.
Against the long, harsh winter,
for just as long as it lasts,
the flowers are in full bloom, and are the pride of northern Hokkaido.
It is a wide, beautiful stage and just right,
for flowers of the lands to the north.


Take in the panorama of the vast surrounding ocean.

The scenery which surrounds the points of the coastline is one of the most charming things about Hokkaido. The city of Wakkanai has Cape Soya and its stone monument which marks the northernmost point of Japan, as well as Noshappu Point from which you can see Rishiri Island and Rebun Island. There is also Akaiwamisaki point (in the town of Mashike), Ougonzaki point (in the city of Rumoi) and Konpiramisaki point (in the village of Shosanbetsu) all which look over the Sea of Japan, where the light shimmering from rocks caved by the rough sea is a sight to behold. Towards the Sea of Okhotsk there is the Cape Kitami Kamui (shared by the towns of Hamatonbetsu and Esashi) and in the winter months the ice on the ocean drifts right up to the land.

Natural Flower Gardens

Natural beds of flowers which bloom as nature intended.

Natural flower gardens are sections of meadows and wetlands in which flowering plants bloom without human intervention. They are natural flower beds which retain the natural characteristics of flowers. The northern area of Hokkaido is home to the Rishiri Rebun Sarobetsu National Park, which has the Sarobetsu Wilderness Flower Garden, as well as Sea of Okhotsk coastline in Hamatonbetsu which is home to the Veneer Primitive Flower Garden. Both have natural flower gardens and walking tracks where you can see flowers blooming in season and watch wild birds up close as they fly across the sky.

Sun Pillars

View upon a natural wonder born from the harsh cold.

A ‘Sun pillar’ is a mysterious pillar of light which appears only in the harshest periods of winter. It is a natural phenomenon in which sunlight hits the 'Diamond Dust', or the moisture in the air which has frozen and crystalized, and looks as though there is a pillar of light rising into the sky. They mostly occur either early in the morning or in the evening, and only when the necessary conditions for sun pillars are present, and as such they are rarely seen even by those living in Hokkaido. The city of Nayoro is well-known as having a lot of sun pillars, and there are also hot springs in the city named after sun pillars.

The Setting Sun over the Sea of Japan

View the most renowned sunset view in Japan.

You probably think you can see a sunset anywhere you are. However, the dynamic beauty of the sun setting in Hokkaido in the clear sky with low humidity is something else completely. In particular, the Sea of Japan Ororon Line which follows the coastline of the Sea of Japan in Hokkaido is a well-known spot for sunsets, and Ougonzaki Point and the Senboudai Viewpoint in the city of Rumoi have made the top 100 list for sunsets of Japan. Shadows form the off-shore islands rising against an orange-tinted sky is a beautiful scene and truly a sight to behold.