The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido



Strong flowers blooming in the wild,
and flowers carefully raised by people,
both are equally beautiful.
Against the long, harsh winter,
for just as long as it lasts,
the flowers are in full bloom,
and are the pride of northern Hokkaido.
It is a wide, beautiful stage and just right,
for flowers of the lands to the north.

Rebun Lady's Slipper Orchids

These flowers bloom nowhere else in the world.

Rebun Lady's Slipper Orchids are an endemic species of flower which blooms nowhere else in the world other than Rebun Island. The milky-white, pretty flowers bloom between late May and early June. They had been often illegally taken due to their rarity and beauty, which led to a sharp decrease in numbers as well as areas in which they grow. In 1994, they were made a Designated Nationally Endangered Plant Species, which has helped preserve the plant. There are colonies of Re-bun Lady's Slipper Orchids within the island, and it is now only possible to walk through designated walking paths within the confines of nature preserves, to which many people visit when the flowers are in bloom.


Vivid beauty in a vast wilderness.

Daylilies are a lively yellow flower with an orange tinge, and are a member of the Lilly family which grows wildly in Hokkaido. They can be seen all over Hokkaido, such as in the grasslands along the coast-line and in wetlands, but the Sarobetsu Wilderness in the Soya area is specially good place to see them. From the end of June into the start of July, a carpet of yellow covers the expansive wilderness. The Day-lily flower only bloom for one day, with the flower blooming in the morning and withering in the evening, but rest assured that many of the flower bloom in succession, not all at once.


Summer in the city is colored with dazzling yellow.

Sunflowers in bloom in the vast landscape of Hokkaido exist to celebrate the short summers of the north. You can see sun-flower fields in all areas of northern Hokkaido, but the Himawari-no-Sato in the town of Hokuryu, the Chiebun Sunflower Field and the Prefectural Sun Pillar Park in the city of Nayoro are particularly well-known. The viewing period is from early to mid August, and people flock from around the country and abroad to view the flowers. Sunflowers which have bathed in plenty of sunlight impart energy on all who see them.

Japanese Roses

A summer flower which is designated as a Hokkaido flower.

The Japanese Rose is a type of rose from the Rosaceae plant family of the Rosales order of plants and can often be seen in the sand dunes on the coast of Hokkaido. When summer rolls around the flowers bloom red and pink, and in the autumn they produce a small, round orange fruit which looks like a Nashi pear, and their Japanese name roughly translates to 'beach pears'. Other than being designated as the prefectural flower of Hokkaido, there are also the official flower of Ishika-ri city, Wakkanai city, Esashi town and Teshio town along the northern Hokkaido route.