The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido



An island with the northernmost peak.
An island called a floating flower bed.
An island which forms a paradise for sea birds.
An island in which sheep graze in plentiful greenery.
In the four island to the north,
there is a pleasant feeling,
which comes with the flow of island time.
Everything that happens,
is so beautiful and bright,
with the setting of the sun.

Rishiri Island

Be moved by the beauty of Mt. Rishiri, a symbol of Rishiri Island

Mt. Rishiri is one of the 100 most famous Japanese mountains and is a symbol of Rishiri Island, which is small with a circumference of roughly 60km. When viewed from out at sea, the entire island itself looks like the peak of a mountain sticking up out of the ocean. There are plenty of activities, including sea kayaking, cycling, hiking and of course climbing up Mt. Rishiri to enjoy the nature and scenery of Rishiri Island at your own pace. There is also plenty of wonderful seafood to enjoy such as Rishiri kelp, which is famous across Japan, Short-spined sea urchin and the Northern sea urchin.

Rebun Island

Take a trip to a floating island of wonderful flowers.

Rebun Island is famously known as the "Floating Island of Flowers". Here you can easily see alpine plants which normally can only be seen in highland mountain areas exceeding 2,000 meters on the main island of Japan. Over 300 types of flowers bloom over the sum-mer, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world except Rebun Island, such as the Rebun Large-flowered Cypripedium, the Rebun edelweiss and Globeflower. Within the island there are a number of walking tracks which are perfect for viewing flowers, allowing you to freely choose a course which matches your schedule and energy levels.

Teuri Island

A paradise which sustains the life of precious seabirds.

Teuri Island is a small island in the Sea of Japan with a circumference of around 12km. It has rare seabirds like the spectacled guillemot, Japanese murrelet, common guillemot, and Horn-billed Puffins all building nests here, making it a breeding ground for the largest number of seabirds in the world. The cliff faces carved by the harsh winds and violent waves of the Sea of Japan are perfectly shaped to protect the seabirds from predators. All the different kinds of seabirds flying across the sky from spring through to the start of summer is a real highlight. It is a small island, making it great for those who like to enjoy sightseeing at their own pace.

Yagishiri Island

Sheep graze on the green bounty of nature.

Yagishiri Island is a lush green island situated to the east of Teuri Island. Around 150,000 trees of around 50 different verities cover roughly one third of the entire island, and include primeval forests of Yew (Taxus cuspidata), as well as Mongolian oak, painted maple and Japanese rowan, making Yagishiri Island a registered natural monument. Alpine plants and herbs bloom all over the island to create beautiful scenery. Suffolk sheep can also be found grazing in the grasslands in the center of the island. The idyllic scene of sheep lazily grazing on grass is characteristic of Yagishiri Island.