The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido

Hot Springs


Hokkaido is the kingdom of Hot Springs,
the most revered hot spring area in Japan.
In every part of northern Hokkaido,
there many hot springs,
each one different to the last.
Soak in the water while surrounded,
by the beautiful expanse of nature.
The fatigue from your journey,
and what fills your heart,
seem to wash away.

Hot Spring Hotel Marukoma

A little known hot spring surrounded by nature of Lake Shikotsu.

Hot Spring Hotel Marukoma is surrounded by a virgin forest on the shores of Lake Shikotsu and is well known for its open-air baths, which sit in pristine natural beauty and are separated from the lake by walls of rock. TThe hotel has natural hot spring water which flows through the gravel underfoot, and the water level of this open air bath changes to match the water level of Lake Shikotsu. It is said that there are only 20 Hot pools in Japan with water flowing through gravel directly underfoot. The view of Lake Shikotsu from the open-air bath, which has retained its shape since it opened for business in 1915, is spectacular. Enjoy a soak in a dynamic hot pool surrounded by nature.

Toyotomi Onsen

A very rare type of hot spring which includes oil.

The Toyotomi Onsen is in the Town of Toyotomi, and when test-drilling was undertaken for oil, hot spring water sprung forth along with natural gasses. This lead to one of the rarest Hot Spring characteristics in the world; oil. The hot spring water in which the oil floats is slightly yellow in color and has a faint smell of oil. This oil has a warming and moisturizing effect, and Toyotomi Onsen is noted as being a hot spring which is highly effective for skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.