The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido



In the nature of northern Hokkaido
play to your heart's content,
and taste the rich flavors of bounty from the mountains and the sea.
Experiences to invigorate your body and mind,
are waiting,
in his giant play field.
It is something you won't forget.
The fun of playing here,
the smiles of those whom you meet.
Now and forever.

Sea Urchin Shelling Experience

The taste of fresh sea urchin is something you will never forget.

Sea urchins from Teuri Island and Rishiri Island are highly prized for their taste thanks to being raised on high quality kelp. Why not go over to the islands and pick some? You can peek into the ocean with a glass-bottomed box on a boat and scoop up the sea urchins in the same way as actual fishermen do. There you can split and clean the sea urchin which you've caught, wash them in the sea and eat them. The saltiness of the ocean has a subtle aroma which intensifies the rich sweetness of Sea Urchin. It is a flavor that can only be enjoyed when they are freshly picked. It’s a taste you won't soon forget.

Fruit Picking Experience

Get your fill of fruit under the blue skies of Northern Hokkaido.

There are orchards all over Hokkaido where you can enjoy seasonal fruit picking. Mashike Town is especially blessed with orchards growing many kinds of fruits, including apples, cherries and grapes. Pippu Town is also well known for strawberries. There are plenty of opportunities each year from the end of June to the start of July to enjoy picking strawber-ries at the farms around town. All the strawberries are grown outdoors, so you can pick strawberries to your hearts content in the nature of northern Hokkaido and eat them on site.

Teshio River Canoe Camp

Camp your way down a major northern river.

The Teshio River flows slowly to the north through the vast lands of Hokkaido. The nature in this region becomes more grandeur and wild the further north you travel. Why not jump in a Canadian canoe and embark on a river-camp where you can really feel the great out-doors? Take a simple camping trip on a pristine river, pitch a tent on the riverside to sleep and feel the lasting impression of nature’s rhythm becoming one with your own. What bet-ter way to enjoy a really wonderful time in the scenery of northern Hokkaido?

Winter Activities

Have all the fun in the world covered in snow.

Hokkaido powdered snow is highly regarded by skiers worldwide. Many areas of northern Hokkaido offer a range of activities which let you enjoy powdered snow, such as skiing and snowboarding. Be sure to check out some new winter activities. There is snowmobiling (race across white land and send snow flying all over the place), downhill snow-shoeing (run downhill through a forest on snow shoes) and air-boarding (lie down and slide on an inflatable board) for you to enjoy.