The Attraction of Northern Hokkaido

Art and Culture


Authors and people of culture,
born in northern Hokkaido,
and enchanted by northern Hokkaido.
I wonder what they did,
to give birth,
to all the artistic and literary works.
To come into contact,
with their noble and earnest spirits,
will open a new door
in your heart.

Miura Ayako Literature Museum

Touch the spirit of a writer who never stopped questioning life.

Ayako Miura is a novelist born in Asahikawa. Miura Ayako Literature Museum was estab-lished to celebrate her achievements. It is built at the entrance of the Forest of Interna-tional Trees which was the stage for her debut novel "Freezing Point". This museum show-cases her works as well as other literary materials related to her, and the historical context of her works is introduced in an easy-to-understand way. As she was a Christian, the over-all theme of her works is "How should people live?" Why not search for the answer yourself by coming and looking over her life?

Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum- Arte Piazza Bibai

An outdoor sculpture park in the home town of Kan Yasuda.

'Arte Piazzaz' means 'A Space for Art' in Italian. It is an outdoor sculpture park in Bibai City. It has both indoor and outdoor sculptures by international sculptor Kan Yasuda, who set up his workshop in Italy. An abandoned elementary school was renovated into a space which harmonizes the nature and history of Bibai with the thoughts of the people. Kan Yasuda continues to create an artistic space as his life work. It is a place which remains in the memories of those who visit, and moves them in a way which helps them through their lives.

Ecomuseum Osashima Center

Dynamic wooden sculptures by modern sculptor Sunazawa Bik-ky.

Sunazawa Bikky is a modern sculptor who moved to the Otoineppu village, which is the smallest village in Hokkaido. There he breathed new life into an abandoned elementary school by turning it into both his workshop studio and his home, the "Atelie 3 More. Suna-zawa Bikky lived here until his death and until then he produced over 1,000 magnificent works. The "Ecomuseum Osashima Center" retains its original visage of his workshop stu-dio and displays many of the works he left behind in Otoineppu Village, including wooden sculptures, oil and block paintings, and his tools.

Shinsho Kaneda Japanese Calligra-phy Museum

Follow in the footsteps of a calligrapher born in Horonobe Town.

Calligraphy came from China and has been developed into the unique Japanese art form it is today. The Shinsho Kaneda Japanese Calligraphy Museum is a private art museum in Horonobe Town. A Horonobe native himself, Kaneda Shinsho is one of the most important names in the world of Japanese calligraphy. Over 1,700 of his calligraphy works and 400 of his ink stone and pottery works are stored here. Come and see his works of art and the history of a great calligrapher in a relaxed atmosphere and touch the heart of 'calligraphy' which he continued throughout his life.