Northen Hokkaido Gourmet Head North for Delicious Food

The Taste of Northern Hokkaido

Wakkanai Area

  • These delicacies are richly flavored from their Rishiri Kelp diet.

  • Outstanding in thickness, tenderness and stickiness!

  • Colorful seaweed with a unique texture.

  • This is Japan's northernmost brand beef, grazed in hillside pastures.

Rumoi Area

  • Wild caught, so the summer meat is a whole different experience!

  • Plump and meaty! Full of rich, sweet flavor!

  • Full of variety because this is the source!

  • Made with super-hard wheat grown in Obira and Rumoi!

Asahikawa Area

  • This village is Hokkaido's leading mushroom grower, with 5 different varieties.

  • This plump pork is fed on mochi rice!

  • This natural spring water seeps slowly down from Mt. Daisetsuzan

  • Its flavor comes from the cool climate and clean waters!

  • Meaty pork with perfect marbling and firm texture.

  • Raised in quality soil with exacting care.

Iwamizawa Area

  • These nutritious onions are grown only in Kuriyama!

  • Easy to eat, with a firm texture and no gaminess.

  • This nutrient-rich black rice was developed by a local university.

  • The meat of these ducks raised in great outdoors is overflowing with flavor.

Sapporo Area

  • Hokkaido's leader in production! Ebetsu's prime vegetable!

  • Born in the Meiji era, these fleshy, tender onions are a rare delicacy.

  • Enjoy juicy autumn salmon in the birthplace of the Ishikari Hot-Pot!

  • The area is Hokkaido's top egg producer, and overflows with egg-based sweets.