Sample Courses

Day 6 Night5 Outlying Island Sample Course


  1. Himenuma Marsh

    This scenery is perfect in clear early mornings, and the "Reverse Rishiri Fuji" is quite popular.

  2. Otatomari Marsh

    An outlook on Rishiri Island, seen on the package for Shiroi Koibito cookies.

  3. Senposhi Misaki Park

    With it's incredibly clear seas and unusual rocks, the scenery of Mt. Rishiri is stunning.

  4. Mt. Pon Himenuma Marsh Sightseeing Path Hiking

    This course concentrates all of Rishiri's best into a full taste of the island, showing what makes it the rival of any of Japan’s larger, more famous mountains. Oshidomari, Rishirifuji, Rishiri-gun

  5. Climbing Mt. Rishiri

    Be moved by the exquisite mountain shape of Japan's northernmost great mountain.