Sample Courses

Day 6 Night5 Outlying Island Sample Course


  1. Momodai Nekodai Observation Deck

    These naturally-carved shapes are sure to bring a smile!

  2. Cape Sukai

    The cobalt blue waters fill countless inlets at this must-see lookout point.

  3. Cape Sukoton

    Look out over the wide ocean and the Sakhalin islands from the northern tip of Japan.

  4. Kitano Canary Park

    This was the main location for the film "A Chorus of Angels."

  5. Rebun Large-flowered Cypripedium Growing Cluster

    These orchids are endemic to Rebun Island, so their lovely blossoms are found wild only here.

  6. Sea Urchin Shelling Center

    Try your hand at shelling and eating live sea urchins!

  7. Trail: Momoiwa-Shiretoko Course

    Follow along to see Rebun Island's 3 mysterious boulders and Rishirifuji!